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Dongguan SAN east metal zipper co., LTD. Is located in dongguan shatian tamura, is a with the hardware and zippers as one of the manufacturers.
The main production of hardware has all kinds of precision pull head, shapes of the CARDS, all kinds of hook buckle, D buckle, metal accessories, furniture hardware and so on. Our factory produces the hardware, with environmental protection raw material, fine polishing, environmental protection plating, acid treatment, wear-resisting performance is stronger, glorious takes a person.
The main production of copper zipper has various types of Y teeth, two point tooth tooth, corn, Swiss, colorful teeth, normal teeth, such as various types of high-grade nylon zipper, waterproof zipper, etc., variety. Copper zipper produced by using the technology and equipment of cash, each zipper is smooth freely, chain tooth is smooth and bright, but environmental protection plating a variety of colors, the size precision can be controlled in the plus or minus 1 mm, according to customer needs and continuous innovation and improvement.
Our factory strives for the survival by the quality, the introduction of foreign cash technology, has its own mold room, detection equipment. Has trained a large number of technical personnel, the product sells in distant markets domestic and foreign cities, the environmental protection certification, products to meet customer required to ensure the stability and reliability of the product. Deeply the general customers trust and praise.
Hope the manufacturer to inquire, negotiate orders, communicate with each other. We will with excellent products, reasonable price, fast delivery time, honest and trustworthy to provide clients with perfect service, let us take the sacred professional spirit, work together to jointly create a better future.


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