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Pants with holes and forks, and zippered together, not changing the middle pants in seconds
From: Dongguan City East Hardware zipper Company Limited Post date: 2019-01-25

Last year's popular variety show Creation 101 won many contestants. In addition to Yang Chao, who is very topical, there is Wang Ju's mudslide. But what impressed Xiaobian most is Duan Aojuan. Her first appearance was in school uniform, with ponytail, clear and clear voice, which made her look fresh and plain compared with other people, but also the strength of vocal, let people remember her at once. Later, she made her debut in the fourth place in the program, joining the Rocket Girls Group, which also mainly served as vocal.


Duan Aojuan was well-known for her singing on the Internet before she joined the program. Besides her clear and moving singing, she also has a lovely and sweet face. She is actually a full-fledged girl without school uniform. She is as beautiful as Yang Chao. Recently, she attended an event with the group to see her shape.



Duan Aojuan is wearing a yellow vest and a white jacket. She looks energetic. It is more fashionable and temperamental to wear a pair of jeans with holes. She also gets extra points when she steps on a pair of white high-heeled boots. She wears a small braid and looks full of girls.



But the most interesting thing for Xiaobian is Duan Aojuan's broken trousers, which not only have the design of the holes, but also the design of the opening and zipper. There are many elements. And still use zippers to connect the opening and holes. If you don't zip up, the pants will become a pair of trousers. Think about that picture, or feel zipper is more stylish.



Duan Aojuan's other shapes are also beautiful. She wears a black jacket and a black high-waisted skirt. She looks elegant and elegant. She can also highlight her slender waist. Her long wavy hair is even more elegant.


Duan Aojuan is wearing a pink shoulder jacket with a pink high waist skirt. It looks sweet and girlish. The perfect face shape can control long hair and short hair.。

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