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Better design and detailed homework zippers
From: Dongguan City East Hardware zipper Company Limited Post date: 2019-01-25

Zipper is an accessory product that can be seen everywhere in our daily life. From the original clothes and trousers to the present bags and automotive supplies, zippers can be seen on it. Nowadays, because of the different design and details, the price of zippers is also very different.
At present, there are many zipper trademarks in China, but not many can really be called loud. Fujian SBS brand zipper, which has set up special sales stores in the three districts of the International Trade City, is one of the top brands in the zipper industry in China. Luo Jianfeng, the business manager of Yiwu Sales Store, said that such achievements are closely related to the company's focus on design and detail.
The most common zippers are nylon, metal and plastic steel. Among them, nylon zippers are mainly used in Inner bags, metal zippers are mainly used in high-grade bags, and plastic-steel zippers are mainly used in sportswear. In fact, zipper production technology is not difficult, but it is not easy to handle the details. "For example, zippers should be smooth, zipper teeth should be beautiful and durable, these details test the technology." Luo Jianfeng said that from the second half of 2008, the company realized that the poor economic situation abroad has had a great impact on foreign trade sales, and began to change its thinking and focus more on the development of the domestic market.
Unlike foreign trade, domestic sales require companies to have strong design capabilities to lead the market. "Our company invests a lot of manpower and material resources every year from the zipper head to the color of the whole zipper to the improvement of zipper teeth." Luo Jianfeng said that the company's technology in the electroplating process of zipper head has been very advanced, which makes the whole zipper look more grade, and the color of zipper is also in line with the trend of the times, there are many gorgeous colors.

After the garment zipper production has a solid foundation, SBS began to step into the production of bags zipper, while providing customers with some value-added services related to bags design, so that bags manufacturers are more willing to cooperate with them.

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