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The domestic hardware go fine production, brand development transformation of the road be imperative
From: Dongguan City East Hardware zipper Company Limited Post date: 2012-11-16

China Hardware Products Association recently released China's zipper industry develops a report to show, at present, China's zipper industry grows hasten delay, which is the comprehensive cost rise, also caused by the external environment, but more importantly, China's zipper industry after 30 years of rapid growth after it has entered a stable development stage, previous the extensive development of traditional road more and more narrow, pure rely on low to earn the eyeball era has gradually gone, fine production, the development of the brand industry transformation of the road be imperative.
The report provides relevant information shows that, in recent years, along with the global integration of economy and accelerate the process of continuously thorough, and China's zipper industry development is closely related to clothing, bags and other industry, began to actively integrate into the international resources to flow and optimize configuration, through the transformation and upgrading to enter higher industry chain, and actively development of Europe, beautiful, day outside of the emerging market. In addition, Southeast Asian countries rely on lower cost of raw materials and labor and more preferential policies, coupled with the increasing trade barriers to Chinese manufacturing, also brought grim challenge. In this case, the domestic zipper industry if not promptly follow up, change and transition, the loss of a comprehensive upgrade and development opportunities. In the face of the domestic market, with the continuous improvement of living standards, consumers' aesthetic vision is also changing, of their clothing, luggage and other products quality and cultural quality of increasingly high demand, high-quality zipper products to meet this demand has become a must.
In this regard, China Hardware Products Association responsible person stressed that, in future, decide the destiny of enterprises in the traditional sense is no longer the cost and size, but the enterprise whether to stand in innovation system based on technology and brand value. In the new stage of development, the zipper industry must establish a new concept of industrial development and brand concept, realize value growth by scale effect to span type develops, realized the fundamental transformation of comparative advantage.
It is reported, this year 1 ~ May, subject to a global market environment and the various production cost rise's influence, our country clothing, bags and other products production and sales, export volume showed no obvious improvement, and profit growth rate dropped significantly, this is a direct result of China's zipper industry overall operation more stable, and presents the following characteristics: large enterprises than small business orders better than without; independent brand enterprise brand enterprise orders; domestic enterprises than foreign trade enterprise orders; metal zipper orders better than last year, plastic zipper orders less than the same period last year; foreign trade business orders overall decreasing state.

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