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China's hardware lock industry to conform with international private enterprise to do pioneer
From: Dongguan City East Hardware zipper Company Limited Post date: 2012-11-16

In recent years, China's hardware lockset industry with annual growth rate of 15% of the stable development, year total production value amounts to 180000000000 yuan of above, export amounted to more than $8000000000. About our country whole light industry exports 1/3, arrangement of light industry before three.
It is understood, now China's hardware industry in at least 95% of private enterprises, private enterprises to become China's hardware lockset industry development main army. On the other hand, the international hardware lock market, Europe and the United States developed due to rapid production technology development and labor prices, the general type products produced in developing countries, only the production of high value-added products, while China has a strong market labor, become a hardware lockset industry processing export country. In our country numerous hardware locks enterprises, small and medium-sized private enterprises survival and development has become the industry whether the key of healthy progress.
In the context of globalization, integration of market economy environment, China's hardware lock industry is also facing fierce market competition. Especially in the financial crisis and economic crisis of the environment, market competition, price competition to the tragic more forward. As a hardware lockset industry of small and medium-sized enterprises to find a way out? How to survive in the competition it is necessary to research and improvement in the.
From the lock 's origin and history, see the lock industry development from the current environment; the lock industry, watch industry competition strategy. Research method is the use of strategic management, global management, marketing management, management of the principle of economics, analyses the hardware lockset industry the characteristics of small and medium enterprises, find out the competition strategy and the factors related to the corresponding relations, seek survival and development strategies, the formation of specific feasibility proposal proposal.
The lock is the security product, this is it is evident to anyone, the complex variety, quality disparity, prices, China's lock industry is still very backward, and locks the average price is very low also, after investigation, only Britain, the United States 1/15. In foreign countries, usually the price than the door lock your door, because the lock is in the heart. The current foreign development new breed lock is very active, a lot of new materials, new technology, new technology constantly applied to the lock industry, the lock is a breakthrough of commonly used mechanical billiard lock mode, to more secure electronic lock direction of evolution. Despite numerous advanced locks continue to come out, but they were not to solve the contact problem, all lock installation, are part of the device is exposed to the door lock is destroyed, the possibility exists, security is threatened.

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